Why you should choose Price Law Group Insurance Claim Advocates

We recommend that after any insurable loss that you, the policy owner, manager or the person incharge of repairing damages, contact us immediatly. BEFORE even contacting your insurance company. This will allow us to complete the following for you or your organization:


  • Review your policy in detail in order to understand the full responsibilities due to you by your insurance company.
  • We then task our team of licensed adjusters to inspect your damaged property, complete an estimate of repairs and submit the report to your attorney at Price Law Group.
  • If we determine that there is sufficient damage to your property to pursue a claim with your provider, we do so on your behalf.
  • We will meet with your insurance company’s field adjuster, on site, to ensure that your insurance company agrees with our expert adjusters opinion.
  • We then ensure that they insurance company fullfills their obligations to you and releases payment.
  • One of the best things about having Price Law Group as your advocate, is that if your insurance provider refuses to live up to the terms of the policy, we can use the legal system as a tool to resolve the issue.
  • Although litigation is rare, our expertise in this area should provide you with the piece of mind that you won’t be bullied.

Where Do Policy Holders Typically Turn For Help?

Most affected insurereds turn to their insurance agent. Most agents do not understand the claims process. They are sales people who do not realize what the company they work for does, when investigating claims. Furthermore, insurance agents have entered into agreements or have long standing relationships with insurance companies, which creates a potential conflict between providing the consumer with the best advice and earning their paychecks from the Insurance Companies from which they make their living