Homeowners Insurance Claim Denial FAQ

Q: How do you get paid?
A: We are paid from the proceeds of the settlement, upon payment of the settlement proceeds. What this means is that we do not charge you a penny unless and until we collect for you on your claim. Occasionally we will pay for some costs up-front for items such as consulting adjusters, engineers, attendance at mediation, etc. which we will ask to recoup only if we are successful in getting you a favorable settlement, again, from the settlement proceeds.

Q: My neighbor is using a Public Adjuster (PA) to settle his claim. Why would I hire you instead?
A: In many aspects, we will closely resemble a PA firm: we will send a Consultant to your property to review the damage and create a report for the insurance company in the same way a PA would, using the same formatting software. However, we also have the ability to hire an engineer to provide further support for our findings, if necessary. As a law firm, we provide you the security of a staff of attorneys and consultants well versed in the relevant law and procedure. We will diligently fight for your rights under the policy while simultaneously documenting our progress to build a file for litigation if your insurance carrier does not perform their duties under your policy.

Q: What is the typical turn-around time from start to finish?
A: It depends. Unfortunately, a good deal of the timeline is determined by the amount of the damage, the intricacy of the policy coverage, and the willingness of the Insurance Company to cooperate. We had found that the majority of our straightforward Home Owner's Policy claims can be settled or sent to litigation in about 90 days. Of course, all of that changed in Hurricane Sandy, in large part due to the sheer amount of devastation that jammed up every aspect of the carrier's process and caused great - and in some cases, ongoing - delays.

Q:Can your firm get involved if we didn't use your from the start and have since discovered our insurance is not satisfactorily handling our settlement?
A: 100% YES!