A homeowner's worst nightmare should not be dealing with insurance companies.
Insurance claims are adversarial by nature insurance comapnies want to pay you less.
Although litigation is rare our expertise in this area means that you won’t be bullied.
If the insurance provider does not want to settle we will pursue them in the court system on your behalf.
Let us handle the headache and fight on your behalf, so you can focus on what matters most.

Where do Policy Holders typically turn for help?

Who Is On Your Side?

Most affected property owners turn to their insurance agent.   Most agents do not fully understand the claims process.  They are sales people who do not realize what the company they work for does when investigating claims.   

When Should You Call Us?

You Should Call Us Immediately

The quicker Price Law Group is involved in your claim, the better the end result will be.  We should be your first call.   Most insurance policies are written in a way that may confuse the average consumer.
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Why Do You Need Help?

The Insurance Company Has Several Advocates On Their Side

Your insurance providers utilize a TEAM of people to ensure that they pay out the minimum for your claim so that they can maximize profits.
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